Gun Equipment -E Series-

Gun Equipment -E Series –

Digital generator of 30Khz equipped with the latest and most advanced technology. It has a touch screen of 7″ that facilitates the programming and information of the applications.

Available in three power ranges:

Disponível em três faixas de potência:

  • GG-1030-E  Gerador 30Khz, 1000W
  • GG-1530-E  Gerador, 30Khz, 1500W
  • GG-2230-E Gerador, 30Khz, 2200W

This generator can store many programs. Working modes in Time or Energy. It has a multitude of information rapports: production counters, lot counters, OK parts, NOK parts, historical alarms, etc.

They can be supplied with 2 different types of grip: the vertical model and the anatomical model. Both models can be air cooled.