Generators -D Series-

Generators D Series

A wide range of 20Khz and 30Khz generators are available in two format types:
19″ rack format models are intended for upper middle range presses and basic higher power basic generators.
In compact models they are intended for use with a basic pistol and lower power 20 KHz and 30Khz generators.
The range is made up of a total of 15 different models to meet the needs of the different sectors and their respective requirements.

Electronic adjustment of the amplitude: The mechanical adjustment, made by Boosters placed on the transducer output, is perfectly complemented by variable electronic adjustment between 70% and 100% of the total mechanical amplitude, with pulses every two cycles. Thanks to this combination, the optimum amplitude required for welding can be adjusted. The adjustment can be done from the front of the generator, or by 4 digital combined inputs “16 variables” ideal for amplitude control from a PLC.

The full range of D Series generators incorporates the active frequency control: The frequency control system is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations in the performance of an ultrasonic generator, for this reason the entire range of Series D generators incorporate this adjustment method, which greatly improves the methods used traditionally.

Other systems include adjustment methods to connect the generator, and even before each welding; our equipment monitors the frequency of the head before and during all welding cycles, even at full load, thus ensuring optimal performance, with more regular welding and fewer losses. This method also solves one of the major problems encountered in continuous welding systems. It is now possible to work without stopping, as the active frequency control keeps the system perfectly stable.