José Tironi was born May 18, 1938 in the Italian town of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). At the age of two, his parents moved to Barcelona, where he was to grow up and be educated. He married Carmen Maté, with whom he had three children and who provided her unconditional support in the creation and evolution of the company, constituting an important backing for him and for the growth of the company.

At the beginning he taught himself electronics and his father give him his practical training, in the manufacture of condensers and radio receivers. Therefore, from an early age, he was familiar with electronics and their operating principles. His first contacts with ultrasonic welding technology, were at the age of 37, when he became a technician at Ultrasonor*, which was engaged in the manufacture of ultrasonic welding equipment under license from a French manufacturer.

Very shortly afterwards (1978) he was also hired by Branson*, where he continued his training as a technician and then as a specialist in manufacturing Horns and tools and finally as the person responsible for the centre of Spain and its coastal areas, until 1990 when he then decided to continue independently as a distributor, first for a Korean firm and later the German firm Herrmann*.

On June 8, 1992 Ultrasonidos J. Tironi S.L. was founded, in order to start manufacturing its own brand of ultrasonic welding equipment. The historical chart shows the company´s constant evolution.

José Tironi retired in 2007, at the age of 69 years of age. Thanks to his fighting spirit and effort dedicated to the company, it is to him we owe the current team’s character, dedication to customer service, the spirit of continuous improvement, work capacity, sense of responsibility and the huge number of virtues we have inherited and which form the essence and foundation of Ultrasonidos J. Tironi S.L.

(*) The companies mentioned have no relationship or link with Ultrasonidos J. Tironi S.L.